What if a strange man offered to buy you lunch?  spam1

I don't know about lunch, but an awful lot of strange people have been offering up crap here on Girls Rock Radio.  I'm deleting many  new Spammer registrations every day from the forum alone.  Not to mention Guestbook spam and comment spam.

If you're trying to register in the Forum and find you just never seem to get accepted, please drop me a line using the Contact GRR form found on the Help menu.  But otherwise, registering with a bunch of seemingly random characters for a username and having an equally random email address will more than likely get your butt kicked right out'a here!  Of course, it would be unrealistic of me to think that posting a notice like this will make the Spammers go away, but at least the Normal people trying to get an account might better understand why they are jumping through hoops just to join in the fun!

By the way, I like actual SPAM and am not intending to malign the real thing in any way by using clever old-time SPAM advertisement copy here.  Okay yeah, I guess I really don't care all that much for SPAM, the actual meat (by)product, but neither do I wish it any ill will.  Upon internet SPAMMERS however, I  wish a continual plague of H1N1 along with terminal diarrhea.
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