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Okay, now you can PANIC!

Girls Rock Radio and Country Girl Radio are discontinuing operations on January 12, 2019.


Because the US-based Music industry - ASCAP, BMI, Seasac, and SoundExchange - have reached into other countries and told them that, if your stream reaches listeners in the USA, they must pay the massive royalty rates they demand. The alternative is to geoblock listeners in the USA so they cannot listen. Currently, TorontoCast plans to geoblock the USA beginning on 2019.01.12. At that point we will be unable to hear our own stations and that's the last straw for us.

Sadly, the Music Modernization Act which replaces the DMCA has really only made things worse for Internet radio, which also means it has reduced the choices you have. Whereas we have always wanted artists to be fairly compensated for the music they grace us with, we simply cannot pay extortion-level royalties when Internet radio realistically has no revenue model. There used to be safeguards in place for Internet radio, but the music industry has, over time, worked tirelessly to eliminate them and push us all out. It would seem they have won at this point. But who actually wins, I might ask? The artists? No. They have far fewer venues on which to be heard, and the independents may never be heard now, or at a minimum find it much harder to establish a fan base. The audience? No. They now have far less choice with only the likes of iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon, etc. to turn to. Those venues have little reason to welcome new artists over signed label acts, so you get to hear what they want you to hear and nothing more. Most people are blissfully ignorant to all of this anyway, and so they don't know anything changed or that they should care. The Performance Rights Organizations? No, but they will realistically only see a tiny down-tick in revenue since most of what they get comes from the aforementioned juggernaut music services anyway. The music industry views Internet radio stations like a bunch of cats, and feel it's way too hard to heard cats, so just kill them off and be left with a much more managable handful of music juggernauts.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and if the climate for Internet radio ever improves to the point where the US-based music industry favors cooperation in the promotion of artists and music over extortion, we may resume operations. Obviously, I'm not holding my breath.

What can you do? Well, if you live in the USA, write your representatives in government and tell them you think it sucks that Internet radio has been killed off in the United States. If you live anywhere else in the world, I'm sorry, but I really don't see you have much of a voice over here.

In the meantime you can still tune in using the play button above, or these links until around 2019.01.12 - Girls Rock Radio or  Country Girl Radio

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