We can't wait to hear your music!
But more than that -- We can't wait to hear your music on Girls Rock Radio!

I get that this page is kinda long.
I'm sorry about that.
But do you wanna do this thing and maybe get on the air?
Okay then...

There are some rules, and ultimately we will decide if your music fits our format closely enough to make it on the air. Please understand, though, that we do not judge your music and if you are not selected for airplay on Girls Rock Radio, it doesn't mean we don't like your music - we love all music! But we do have a format we're sticking to. Please keep our format in mind when you submit music to Girls Rock Radio. Many bands have music that crosses over into our format, so when in doubt, send us an entire CD to review. We will bend as best we can to get you on the air if at all possible.

Okay, so here's the scoop on submitting music to Girls Rock Radio:

    Please Read Everything Carefully and Completely to Avoid Delays

But first...

Here's what NOT to do:

Do NOT #1: Trying to send us to your Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or similar band profile page to listen to your music to see if we'd like to put you on the air.
If what you're about to write in the message box below starts out with, "Hey, go check out our music at...", or maybe contains, "Download our EP at...", it's just not going to happen. We want YOU to send us what you're asking us to play to see if it meets the technical and genre requirements for airplay. We have found it much more efficient to have you submit this way. Before even writing to us, you should be familiar enough with the station to know if you have a good shot at airplay or not.

Do NOT #2: Trying to email music to us.
Music files are BIG and just a few of them may fill our mailbox to capacity and then nothing more will get through - from you or anyone else.

I hate to have to say this, but it will not be possible to review or even acknowledge music submissions received via email. It will be as if they never existed. If I didn't say that, it would happen. It does anyway, but not nearly as much.

Do NOT #3: Your band is not all-girl or girl-fronted.
Sorry, but that's just our niche here. We love guy bands, but um, Girls Rock Radio features the music of women artists. So yeah, there it is.

Here are your Submission Options:

Option 1 - Mail a CD
Many bands just want to drop a CD in the mail to us. Our mailing address for CD submission is:

Girls Rock Radio
3211 Patty Lane
Middleton, WI 53562-1652

Option 2 - Upload ( - preferred - )
If you'd like to expedite our review, or just avoid all the mailing nonsense, you can upload the contents of your CD(s) using the Uploader page we have right here on this website.

For submission in this format we require 256K ( - or higher - ) Constant Bitrate (not Variable Bitrate - VBR) MP3 files. Please note - we cannot work with other file types or lower/variable bit rates. Submissions below the required 256k minimum will not be considered for airplay, even if they otherwise would have made the cut.

To gain access to our Uploader page, along with instructions for its use, message us here on this site. You may use the convenient contact form located at the bottom of this page for that purpose. To prevent spammers from uploading who knows what to us, access to the Uploader page is by invitation only, so please read the following paragraph carefully.


When introducing yourself to Girls Rock Radio for the first time and asking for access to the Uploader, you must be verifiable as an artist, so include any one or more of the following: Your main artist website address, link to your EPK, Facebook fan page, or any other such credential. A SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or similar page is also fine here, but again, we do not review or download from these sites as a general rule. If you are PR/Management for the band or artist you are introducing, you must have gained permission from the band or artist to submit music for airplay consideration, and you must state that you have this permission.

Other Stuff We Would Appreciate Receiving From You
We would like a copy of your album art to display on the Girls Rock Radio website while one of your tracks is playing. Album art is typically square in dimension, but any roughly square image of you and/or your band that can be cropped to equal width and height is fine. The best format for this a JPG image file. The Uploader page is perfect for sending this image file because you can simply include it with the songs files you are uploading.

While your tracks are playing, and also on the Playlist & Requests page, a "purchase" and "home page" link is provided. If your music is available at Amazon.com, you're all set -- our site will automatically link to Amazon to let our listeners purchase your music there. If you do not sell your music on Amazon and have another outlet for purchasing your music (CDBaby for instance,) then please tell us that link so we can send listeners to purchase your music. For the "home page" link, let us know the address of you or your band's home page. This can be your own website, a Facebook page, or any other page you use to promote your band.

Please Understand
Your music submission to Girls Rock Radio does not guarantee airplay on the station, and we cannot return music received here at the Girls Rock Radio studio.

Your music submission carries with it your implicit permission to air the tracks we select on Girls Rock Radio as well as your authority to grant such permission. If you have restrictions on which tracks we may or may not play, you must CLEARLY communicate that information to us along with your submission, or anytime thereafter. Your only recourse if we select tracks for airplay that you do not wish played on Girls Rock Radio is to inform us you would like your track(s) pulled from the playlist, and we will promptly comply.

Keep Girls Rock Radio Updated
As you release new music, the Uploader page is a great way to send us your new music for airplay consideration. You can also send press releases, new photos, and other interesting current events items through the Uploader.

Is Girls Rock Radio Legal?
In a word - YES!
We pay music royalties through our association with TorontoCast/SOCAN. If your independent status does not include an affiliation with recording industry agencies paid through SOCAN, Girls Rock Radio's sole offering to you is an awesome venue to get your music into the ears of lots of new fans.

We also comply with all other regulations and requirements imposed upon internet radio. We do this to ensure our success and permanence as the most awesome venue for women artists. When anyone thinks about where to hear and discover women artists, it is our express goal to be the first station that comes to mind.

Thank you!
If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. And again, we're so excited to be having the chance to hear more of your music!

A reply to your inquiry will be sent to the e-mail address you provide in the contact form below. Please be sure to white list e-mails originating from girlsrockradio.com, and check your spam folder in case our reply seems tardy.

Using this form to request access to the Uploader page? Cool.

  • Did you read (above) about how to properly introduce yourself?
  • Are you an all-Girl or Girl-fronted band?

All other communications, should go through the main contact form.

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