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 There is a problem with your submission. See the Problem column. Your submission is not being reviewed at this time.
Problems: LBR = Low Bitrate, VBR = Variable Bitrate
Album Art:  If red dot in this column, please submit album art.
Drop Alert: If red dot in this column, there has been a problem with your submission that you have not resolved for too long.

Problem Submissions

Please review the Legand (above) and re-submit or contact the station to resolve the problem.

Status Artist – Title What We Got From You Problem Album
Anyones Guess – Commitment Issues 1 mp3, 1 docx, 1 jpg LBR
Jaeme Worelds – Whispered 1 mp3, 1 jpg LBR
Jon-k Redman – Come Out To Play 3 mp3 LBR
Kasi K ft. Trimming Moods – 14th Element – All Along 2 mp3, 2 jpg VBR
Kelli Lynn – Goin Out Tonight 11 mp3, 1 jpg4 LBR
Kimmy B – Kimberley Noel 2 mp3 LBR
LadyNellB – Lay Down The Guns 1 mp3 LBR
LadyNellB – On The Level 1 mp3 LBR
Lese Majesty – Cold Reason For Change EP 1 mp3 LBR
Lyel – Raven 1 mp3, 4 jpg LBR
Malynda Hale – Pieces of Me 10 pm3 VBR
Modern Mimes – Wake Up 1 mp3 VBR
MY4FACES – Emotions Are Awesome – So Many Feelings Inside 1 mp3 LBR
MY4FACES – Emotions Are Awesome – Clap Your Hands 1 mp3 LBR
Nicole Stella – Something To Say 1 jpg, NO MUSIC FILES NO MP3
Nicole-Marie – The Music Our Love Makes 10 mp3, 1 pdf, 1 jpg LBR
Rabbitfoot Capers – Bell Hooks And Bottle Caps 1 mp3 LBR
Rabbitfoot Capers – Something And Nothing 2 mp3 LBR
Samantha Scarlette – My So-Called Life 8 mp3, 3 jpg LBR
Sandra Capadouca – Red Shoes 4 mp3, 1 jpg LBR, VBR
Sydney Ranee – You Could 3 mp3, 1jpg LBR
The CheeseBergens – Do It With Cheese 1 mp3, 1 jpg LBR
The Katherines – To Bring You My Heart 14 mp3, 1 docx, 1 jpg LBR
Tonye – Single Title; Villain 1 mp3, 1 docx, 1 jpg VBR

Currently Reviewing

Your submission is currently being reviewed.

Status Artist – Title What We Got From You Problem Album
Amy Jo Scott – Amy Jo Scott 1 mp3
Dani and Lizzy – Work of Heart 12 mp3, 1 jpg, 1 docx
Dream Aria – On the Other Side 2 mp3
Emily Spector – Departed Qualities 6 mp3, 1 jpg
Feritta – A Journey Begins 4 mp3, 1 jpg
Jaeme Worelds – Whispered 2 mp3, 2 jpg
JANANI – First To Fall – Single 1 mp3, 1 png
Julliet Miller – Bless 1 mp3, 1 jpg
Kelsey Deland – Fire In The Sky (Single) 1 mp3
Kolade Olamide Ayodeji – Trap in the Night 1 mp3, 1 jpg
Kreepy Krush – Bipolar 2 mp3
Kreepy Krush – Let It Go 1 mp3
Kreepy Krush – Orange Blue EP 1 mp3
L. $hamPain – Whac-A-Mole EP 1 mp3, 1 jpg
Lina Fouro – Bang Bang Baby 1 mp3, 1 pdf, 1 jpg
Liz Graham – Damaged 1 mp3, 1 pdf
Mel Kay ft Liberte – Upside Down Town 2 mp3, 1 jpg
Nina Amelio – Faded Away 1 mp3
Nina Amelio – Savage Love 1 mp3
Priz Em – Priz Em 1 mp3
Screams On Sunday – The Night 1 mp3, 1 jpg
Stefani Fedra – SAME KISS 1 mp3, 1 jpg
Tai Sui – Contact-EP 1 mp3, 1 pdf, 1 jpg
Zandi Holup – Lone Star **Transferred to Country Girl Radio 3 mp3

Moving Direct To Air

This typically happens when time from submission to air was too short to bother logging it into the Currently Reviewing section.

Status Artist – Title What We Got From You Problem Album
All Direct to Air submissions are in the playlist at this time 7 mp3, 2 jpg

CD Submission (also Reviewing)

CD submissions take a little extra time to prepare for review, so they get a special listing all their own. They never appear in the Problem Submissions section, but they may be missing album art if you didn’t submit it some other way.

Status Artist – Title What We Got From You Problem Album
Another Perfect Crime – The Flood 1 CD
Carol Martini – Songs Of The Girl On The Swing 1 CD
Emily James – Emily James 1 CD
Jordan Hurwitz – Lovesick 1 CD
Orly Bendavid And The Mona Dahls – Mona 1 CD
Shannon Murray – Collecting Anchors 1 CD

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Once your submission appears on this list, Girls Rock Radio is reviewing your music to see if it matches our musical format. It will take a while. This is a manual process; however, new broadcast software has eased the complexity of the process, so it’s getting better.

Now, once you come off this list, look over on the Search and Request page to see if your music has been added to the master library. Please note that, behind the scenes, the songs listed for any artist may belong to different categories that determine airplay. The Search and Request page does not indicate exactly what is in current rotation, some may be “on deck” for later transfer to active rotation, some may be simply “available” but not expected to actually enter rotation. So in other words, all songs listed are available for request but not all are pending or in active rotation.

I sincerely regret when an artist’s music doesn’t make it into the master library. It’s not that I don’t like your music, so please don’t take it personally or get discouraged. I love pretty much all kinds of music, but Girls Rock Radio has a format that I’m sticking to. It is possible that, at some time in the future, GRR will run off-format track blocks, so I will keep your music ready should that come to pass.

Thanks to ALL the artists that support and contribute your awesome talent to Girls Rock Radio. Let me know how I can improve the GRR service and experience for all artists.

Got a question about this list, how to get on it, or have a suggestion of someone you think we should be playing?

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