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New Music 2007

Date Added: 2007.11.22
Artist Song Title Album
Ivy Get Out of the City Apartment Life
Ivy I’ve Got a Feeling Apartment Life
Ivy Quick, Painless and Easy Apartment Life
Ivy Thinking About You In The Clear
Ivy You Don’t Know Anything Apartment Life
Kylie Edmond Endless Days Weak
Kylie Edmond Weak Weak
Laura Brooke Coming Back Right Place Wrong Time
Laura Brooke Hush, Hush Right Place Wrong Time
Date Added: 2007.11.18
Artist Song Title Album
Aly & A.J. Closure Insomniatic
Aly & A.J. Division (ö) Insomniatic
Aly & A.J. Flattery Insomniatic
Aly & A.J. I’m Here Insomniatic
Aly & A.J. If I Could Have You Back Insomniatic
Aly & A.J. Like It Or Leave It Insomniatic
Ashlee Simpson Invisible Invisible
Brie Larson Invisible Girl Finally Out Of P.E.
Brie Larson Life After You Finally Out Of P.E.
Brie Larson Loser In Me Finally Out Of P.E.
Brie Larson She Said Finally Out Of P.E.
Brie Larson Shoebox Finally Out Of P.E.
Brie Larson Whatever Finally Out Of P.E.
Everlife Daring to Be Different Everlife
Everlife Goodbye Everlife
Everlife Where You Are Everlife
Hope 7 Breakthrough Hope 7
Hope 7 Feels So Good Hope 7
Hope 7 He’s Enough Reason Hope 7
Hope 7 One Thing Hope 7
Mandy Moore Crush Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore Cry Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore I Wanna Be With You I Wanna Be With You
Mandy Moore Latest Mistake Wild Hope
Mandy Moore Looking Forward Wild Hope
Mandy Moore Nothing That You Are Wild Hope
Mandy Moore Slummin’ In Paradise Wild Hope
Sandi Thom Little Remedy Smile It Confuses People
Sandi Thom The Human Jukebox Smile It Confuses People
Date Added: 2007.08.05
Artist Song Title Album
Amanda Sena Learn To Love Amanda Sena
Amanda Sena What It’s Like To Cry Amanda Sena
Dagmar and the Seductones Not My Concern Come Back To Me
Fergie Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal) The Dutchess [Explicit Version]
Hoku How Do I Feel Hoku
Hoku Just Enough Hoku
Jennifer Paige Crush Jennifer Paige
Jennifer Paige Here With Me Positively Somewhere
Jennifer Paige Stranded Positively Somewhere
Jennifer Paige These Days Positively Somewhere
Jennifer Paige Vapor Positively Somewhere
Katharine McPhee Love Story Katharine McPhee
Kelly Clarkson Don’t Waste Your Time My December
Kelly Clarkson How I Feel My December
Kelly Clarkson One Minute My December
Lily Allen Absolutely Nothing Smile [Explicit Version]
M2M Everything The Big Room
M2M Payphone The Big Room
M2M What You Do About Me The Big Room
Natasha Bedingfield If You’re Gonna… Unwritten
Natasha Bedingfield Unwritten Unwritten
Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna Hate That I Love You Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna Question Existing Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna Shut Up and Drive Good Girl Gone Bad
Saving Jane Better Day One Girl Revolution
Saving Jane From the Sky One Girl Revolution
Saving Jane Let Me Down Easy One Girl Revolution
Saving Jane One Girl Revolution One Girl Revolution
Sophie B. Hawkins Beautiful Girl Beautiful Girl
Stephanie Beck Williams Her Idea of Fun Not Your Normal Country Girl
Stephanie Beck Williams PhD In M-E-N Not Your Normal Country Girl
Tegan and Sara Monday Monday Monday If It Was You
Tegan and Sara Under Water If It Was You
The Cardigans I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer Super Extra Gravity
Date Added: 2007.07.17
Artist Song Title Album
Ashlee Simpson Nothing New Autobiography
Christine Celeste Surreal Surreal
Citizen Charlie Cheater Demo
Frozen Feet Feel Free Running Late
Frozen Feet Sometimes Running Late
Gabby Villanueva Mundos Diferentes Mundos Diferentes
Smith Baby It’s You Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof
V:NESS Another Game Electric Punk
V:NESS I Know Electric Punk
Date Added: 2007.06.22
Artist Song Title Album
Honey Ryder Choices Rising Up
Honey Ryder Fly Away Rising Up
Honey Ryder Numb Rising Up
Honey Ryder Rising Up Rising Up
Date Added: 2007.05.29
Artist Song Title Album
IIO Rapture (Soulside Mix) Angel Beach: Second Wave (Disc 1)
Jessica Mellott I Don’t Want You To Go Jessica Mellott
Jessica Mellott Life Grabs You (And Starts To Rock) Jessica Mellott
Jessica Mellott Remember Me Jessica Mellott
Jessica Mellott Waiting On You Jessica Mellott
Kind of Girl Slave To Your Charms Lonely In A Modern Way
Lisagaye Tomlinson A Woman’s Gotta Do Food of Love
Lisagaye Tomlinson Baby No More Food of Love
Lisagaye Tomlinson Half the Love Food of Love
Lisagaye Tomlinson I Don’t Want to Know Food of Love
Magdalene Forsaken Magdalene
Magdalene Leave Magdalene
Melissa Burnos Tomorrow Melissa Burnos
Melissa Burnos Turn Around Melissa Burnos
Susan Bluechild Astray Non-Stop To Venus
Susan Bluechild Everybody Wants Non-Stop To Venus
Susan Bluechild Rock Star Non-Stop To Venus
Susan Bluechild Summer Girls Non-Stop To Venus
Susan Bluechild Sunrise Non-Stop To Venus
Date Added: 2007.05.22
Artist Song Title Album
Avril Lavigne Contagious The Best Damn Thing
Avril Lavigne Hot The Best Damn Thing
Avril Lavigne Runaway The Best Damn Thing
Avril Lavigne When You’re Gone The Best Damn Thing
Blush Living in a Fantasy Independence Day
Blush Obsessed By You Independence Day
Blush Want You Independence Day
Cheyenne Kimball Hanging On (Theme from "Cheyenne" on MTV) The Day Has Come
Dolores O’Riordan Accept Things Are You Listening
Dolores O’Riordan Ordinary Day Are You Listening
Ellee Ven You Can Buy Me You Can Buy Me
Ellee Ven What’s It Gonna Take Eleven X
Ellee Ven Another Page The Eleventh Hour
Ellee Ven Did I Say Too Much The Eleventh Hour
fireflight It’s You The Healing of Harms
fireflight Myself The Healing of Harms
Flyleaf All Around Me Flyleaf
Flyleaf So I Thought Flyleaf
Gwen Stefani 4 In The Morning The Sweet Escape
Kelly Clarkson Never Again Never Again
Korben Blue Lines (Studio Live Session) Steady Fools
Korben It’s Over Steady Fools
Lee Ann Womack I Hope You Dance I Hope You Dance
Maarja Could You [Radio Edit] Could You
Maarja Shine It On [Radio Edit] Shine It On
Paramore Conspiracy (Album Version) All We Know Is Falling
Paramore Emergency (Album Version) All We Know Is Falling
Paramore Here We Go Again (Album Version) All We Know Is Falling
Sammy Barrett In No Time On The Corner
Sammy Barrett Just Like Me On The Corner
Shania Twain Forever And For Always [Pop Red Edit] Greatest Hits
Sugarland Everyday America Enjoy The Ride
Susie Warley Still I Dream About You Kalypso – An Acoustic Odyssey
Susie Warley The Songwriter Kalypso – An Acoustic Odyssey
Date Added: 2007.04.13
Artist Song Title Album
Juli Regen und Meer Es ist Juli
Juli Warum Es ist Juli
Silbermond An Dich Verschwende Deine Zeit
Silbermond Passend Gemacht Verschwende Deine Zeit
Silbermond Symphonie Verschwende Deine Zeit
Silbermond Symphonie (Backstage) Verschwende Deine Zeit
Silbermond Symphonie (On Stage) Verschwende Deine Zeit
Date Added: 2007.04.12
Artist Song Title Album
Avril Lavigne Keep Holding On Keep Holding On
Evanescence Call Me When You’re Sober The Open Door
Evanescence Everybody’s Fool Anywhere But Home
Gwen Stefani Early Winter The Sweet Escape
Gwen Stefani The Sweet Escape The Sweet Escape
K T Tunstall Other Side Of The World Eye To The Telescope
K T Tunstall Suddenly I See Eye To The Telescope
Kristin Hoffman Easy Real
Krystal Meyers Only You Make Me Happy Dying For A Heart
Krystal Meyers Rescue Me Krystal Meyers
Krystal Meyers Shake It Off Dying For A Heart
Krystal Meyers Sing For Me Krystal Meyers
Lillix 24/7 Falling Uphill
Lillix It’s About Time Falling Uphill
Lillix Promises Falling Uphill
Lillix Quicksand Falling Uphill
Lucy Woodward Done (Recall Vocal Up Mix 1/24) While You Can
Lucy Woodward Trouble With Me (T2 Vocal Up Album Version) While You Can
Play Don’t Stop The Music Don’t Stop the Music
Date Added: 2007.03.09
Artist Song Title Album
Senona Night I Was Free Lost In Translation
Senona Only Girl Lost In Translation
Senona Over And Over Lost In Translation
V’nessa Tzavellas Controlled Beautiful Things
V’nessa Tzavellas Days Like These Beautiful Things
V’nessa Tzavellas Nothing Beautiful Things
Date Added: 2007.02.15
Artist Song Title Album
Ashlee Rose Ain’t Enough To Satisfy Me Iron Roses
Ashlee Rose How The Seasons Change Iron Roses
Ashlee Rose Live It Up Iron Roses
Ashlee Rose So Damn Complicated Iron Roses
Ashlee Rose Walking in The City of Angels Iron Roses
Sherri Mullen All Roads Lead To Home Fearless
Sherri Mullen Fearless Fearless
Wendy Starland On and On  
Wendy Starland Stones Throw Away  
Date Added: 2007.01.28
Artist Song Title Album
V. K. Lynne Are You Still Here Black Halo
V. K. Lynne Baby Black Halo
V. K. Lynne Become Again Black Halo
V. K. Lynne Her End Of The Phone Black Halo
Date Added: 2007.01.27
Artist Song Title Album
Vanity Ink Anything For My Head On Your Skin
Vanity Ink Go On Your Skin
Vanity Ink Voyeur Boy On Your Skin
Date Added: 2007.01.20
Artist Song Title Album
Christina Stürmer An Sommertagen Lebe Lauter
Christina Stürmer Die Welt Lebe Lauter
Christina Stürmer Sonne Hinter Dem Nebel Lebe Lauter
Christina Stürmer Um Bei Dir Zu Sein Lebe Lauter
Jeanette Biedermann All New Naked Truth
Jeanette Biedermann Endless Love Naked Truth
Jeanette Biedermann Frozen Sun Naked Truth
Jeanette Biedermann Get Freaky Naked Truth
Jeanette Biedermann Heat Of That Summer Naked Truth
Jeanette Biedermann L. A. (City Of Angels) Naked Truth

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