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Hey Artists!  Your station needs your attention...

I am forming a "Council of Artists" to address some of the issues the station faces right now, as well as to set directions and make plans for the future.  In addition to artists, friends of the station, celebrities, and others with a like-minded, helpful attitudes are invited to join as well.

Here's what I'm NOT asking you for:

  • Not asking for Money.
  • Not asking for Deliverables.
  • Not asking for Specific time commitments or scheduled activities.

What I AM asking you for is:

  • Your thoughtful participation in a discussion.

Be a Superhero!
Would you participate in such a discussion if you could save the premier internet radio station featuring the music of women artists from certain doom?  Come on...  Be a superhero!

Here's How to Join:

  1. Head over to the GRR Forum and register for an account, if you don't already have one. (hint: the anti-spam security question answer is "wisconsin" without the quotes.)
  2. Use the contact form (below) to tell me you've joined and what login name you registered with in the Forum. ALSO - If you are not an artist currently receiving airplay on Girls Rock Radio (or band member thereof,) please tell me why you feel qualified to be on the council.
  3. I will authorize you to view and post in area of the Forum devoted to the Council.

That's it. Easy. All Council discussions will occur in the privacy of the special Council members only area of the GRR Forum

Please Join Today!

Welcome to the Girls Rock Radio Council of Artists.

Executive Summary:
Girls Rock Radio is failing. The purpose of the Council of Artists is to provide a forum in which to discuss saving the station from its own eminent demise.

I'd also like to add "friends" to those who will be joining the Council, as the Council is really open to anyone who has an interest in the next steps for Girls Rock Radio.

Other than what I've already said above,  I won't go into any great detail about what the Council of Artists is about. Instead, below you will find a list of audios that I have recorded for you that outline the purpose behind the Council of Artists, as well as additional good-to-know information about Internet radio, and in particular about Girls Rock Radio. Please listen to them. Each is relatively short, but there are several, so if you don't have time to listen to them all right now, then you're free to take them at your own pace. Order isn't entirely important, but there is a certain flow from one audio to the next.

I'm not perfect. There are additional things I wish I had said. Important things even. There are things I may have wished I had said differently. But I said what I said, and there's little point in my trying to get everything absolutely perfect. Instead, after you have listened to these audios, and have officially joined the Council of Artists, you can ask whatever burning questions you're left with, and I can more fully develop the thoughts I've put into words in these audios.

Now, without further adieu, I give you… The Audios:

Audio (click the play button) PDF Updated
[wpaudio url="" text="Introducing the Council of Artists" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="What is Girls Rock Radio Anyway?" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="Girls Rock Radio is Failing :(" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="So What Was the Original Goal Then?" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="How Does Internet Radio Even Work?" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="Royalty Payments?" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="Barriers to Revenue Generation" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="What's In a Name?" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="My Little Soapbox" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="Joining the Council of Artists" dl="0"] 09.29.2010
[wpaudio url="" text="Don't Even Say No" dl="0"] 09.29.2010

Once you've registered over in the GRR Forum, come back and use this form to let me know what forum username you've created. I will then add you to the Council of Artists forum group so you can join in the discussion. Thank you – for caring about Girls Rock Radio and for joining the Council!

A new star is born: Anna Blue; A young artist, self-described as an outsider, who has found music as a vent for her emotions. With her pure passion for music, it won't belong for her to take her place in the ears, and hearts, of the world.

Anna's music touches many subjects that are close to her heart. By transforming emotion into words and melody, she takes the listener into an authentic world of self-reflection and unhindered emotion. Also apparent from Anna's music is enormous passion for music, which brings her to the fore.

Her debut single "So Alone" doesn't just reflect Anna's thoughts and dreams but also shows that music can guide us through testing times. That, despite the crushing feeling of loneliness that the song describes, Anna's hope-tinged voice helps transport the listener into a world where emotion and longing mix seamlessly.

Recognized at an early age as a vocal talent, Anna found out what music was to her at just 11. In her lyrics which site sadness, loneliness and the search for one's true place in the world we can hear that behind it all is Anna's longing for love and understanding.

Anna Blue has created an online world for herself into which she can escape from everyday life. Here she can be herself without needing to pretend or conform. She can also exchange ideas, feelings and dreams with the like-minded people who gravitate around her. So if you want to find the real Anna, look for her online, she might just be a click away.

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