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There's so much written about Paramore that I feel it would be somewhat of an injustice to just rehash any of it. Opinions vary anyway, and the facts are the facts. Wikipedia and the official Paramore website can give you all you need.

As for me? I mean why post Paramore as a Featured Artist on Girls Rock Radio if they are already so well known? Am I just another voice in a huge sea? Probably, but I truly think Paramore is a band for the ages. Still, I'm not so self-absorbed as to believe my opinion really matters all that much, and yet I do "feel" something for this band.

Hayley, Jeremy, Josh, Taylor, Zac all have immense musical talent. They can swing from something powerful and hard like Ignorance, to soft and reassuring like The Only Exception, to light and fun with That's What You Get. With a social consciousness, they can front a cause through music like We Are Broken.

Each member of the band has a personal style, and I'm sure the women in the audience find the boys in the band splendid and divine for all their style and talent, not to mention their good looks. So too with Hayley, the loveliest of flowers with unmistakable dash and voice, yet with a tenacity that, only at first blush, may seem understated. She brings a level of caring warmth to the presence that is Paramore which adds definition well beyond the music.

The Only Exception

That's What You Get

We Are Broken

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