Updated 01 November 2013

It's the sound of a failing cooling fan. But more than just that, the computer has been running non-stop for SIX years. It's a small computer, and it's becoming increasingly inadequate at this point. It's more than just one of its cooling fans that is failing, too. Take a look at this screenshot showing the health of the Girls Rock Radio hard drive - it's down to just 28%!



Now let's look at a few facts spanning Girls Rock Radio's seven year history.

  • Girls Rock Radio is "Listener Supported" which means if you like what you hear and would like to contribute some money to the station to keep it going, you'll click on one of the MANY "donate" buttons you find all over the website. And we thank those of you who have in the past and who will in the future, but...

  • Here's a breakdown of how much "listener support" Girls Rock Radio has received over its entire life which began in 2006:
    2006 - $100
    2007 - $272
    2008 - $297
    2009 - $420
    2010 - $412
    2011 - $260
    2012 - $409
    2013 - $214 (so far as of the date of this post)
    TOTAL - $2,381

  • I cannot think of any month in which the station's expenses were actually covered by "listener support," much less actually paying me anything. This is NOT a hobby of mine. It is a real business, and it's NEVER paid me in over 7 years. To the contrary actually, because each new month I go into my own pocket to cover Girls Rock Radio's expenses.

  • Direct expenses over that period (2006 - Today) not including the salary I should have received, has exceeded $12,000. Again, let me be clear, that's over $12,000 out of my own pocket while this is my job and I've never been paid even once IN SEVEN YEARS! I must be crazy!

  • Is anyone reading this at this point? If you are, leave a comment and tell me you at least read this!

  • At this time, I am setting a goal of $3,500 in "IMMEDIATELY REQUIRED LISTENER SUPPORT" to replace aging equipment.

  • What happens if this support does not materialize? When the music stops because the hardware failed and there's nothing sitting here to replace it, you'll have your answer. PLEASE, DEAR LISTENER, DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!

SEND SUPPORT NOW OR FACE THE LOSS OF THIS STATION - It's Really That Simple, and it's not a matter of "if" but "when." Here's a Donate button, and Girls Rock Radio will be grateful if you use it.

You don't have to do anything. Our address on the WWW will remain the same. But, we are moving to a new web hosting company. What that will mean to you is the possibility that you may experience a brief outage as we disconnect from one host and connect to the other. Just hang tight and the website will be back before you know it.

Some helpful hints:

  • This website move does not involve our music stream. The music will remain uninterrupted.
  • Clearing your browser cache may get us to pop back in for you if you're getting an error trying to visit the site.
  • Clearing your browser cache is kind of extreme, but probably helpful if you haven't done it for a really long time. Problem is that it wipes out cached information about other sites you visit, too. So as an alternative, you could just use whatever shortcut key forces your browser to bypass the cache and load the current website fresh. For browsers on Windows, that's usually Ctrl+F5. Not sure what it would be on a Mac. Command+F5?
  • Some features of the site may not work for a little bit as I try to adjust everything to our new surroundings.
  • Our Tune In page is unaffected by this move since it's hosted somewhere else entirely. That means if you have the Tune In page bookmarked, you'll still be able to get to the music even if the rest of our website is down for you.
  • You should NOT have to change your bookmarks for the main website because the website address is not changing.
  • If I think of anything else, I'll write it in here.

We are looking forward to better website performance and a more reliable experience for you when you visit Girls Rock Radio! 🙂

Girls Rock Radio is seeking an alliance with media schools and media professionals to enhance our programming and provide opportunities to students and professionals seeking to explore the exciting and vibrant Internet radio venue.

Girls Rock Radio would like to work with you to define programming in the areas of music news, current events and trends, artist interviews, and general-interest radio programming. This may take the form of brief music news and/or current event spots, all the way up to one half to one hour or longer shows. Your programming team must feature a female host, but guys are certainly welcome as co-hosts, and the guests.

Although we seek to attract recurring, long-running programming, we realize that internship-type programs with media schools will likely result in short-term programming projects. This is fine, and we are eager to engage in this kind of relationship with media departments at universities and on down to the high school level. Long and short term programming projects also exist for independent media professionals seeking to add depth to their professional resume.

Girls Rock Radio features the music of women artists in the rock, pop, and alternative music genres. It has attracted a diverse audience from around the world, primarily in English-speaking countries, or where English is a strong secondary language. The listener demographic currently features an approximate 60/40 female/male split with the peak female age range between 25 and 34, and the peak male age range between 35 and 44. The music featured on Girls Rock Radio is generally upbeat and seeks not to align with any particular political, sociological, or lifestyle choice. It's simply a fun place to listen to great music. Girls Rock Radio is not, however, without a social conscience, and seeks to define a more robust role for itself through involvement in noncontroversial socially relevant pursuits.

If you are interested in a media partnership with Girls Rock Radio, please contact the station immediately.

The Guestbook has been fixed. Not sure what broke it, but it's been down for a while. I've set everything straight, and it's all working just fine again.

If you haven't already, I'd love to have you sign the Guestbook, and browse through it to see what others have said.

Hey Artists!  Your station needs your attention...

I am forming a "Council of Artists" to address some of the issues the station faces right now, as well as to set directions and make plans for the future.  In addition to artists, friends of the station, celebrities, and others with a like-minded, helpful attitudes are invited to join as well.

Here's what I'm NOT asking you for:

  • Not asking for Money.
  • Not asking for Deliverables.
  • Not asking for Specific time commitments or scheduled activities.

What I AM asking you for is:

  • Your thoughtful participation in a discussion.

Be a Superhero!
Would you participate in such a discussion if you could save the premier internet radio station featuring the music of women artists from certain doom?  Come on...  Be a superhero!

Here's How to Join:

  1. Head over to the GRR Forum and register for an account, if you don't already have one. (hint: the anti-spam security question answer is "wisconsin" without the quotes.)
  2. Use the contact form (below) to tell me you've joined and what login name you registered with in the Forum. ALSO - If you are not an artist currently receiving airplay on Girls Rock Radio (or band member thereof,) please tell me why you feel qualified to be on the council.
  3. I will authorize you to view and post in area of the Forum devoted to the Council.

That's it. Easy. All Council discussions will occur in the privacy of the special Council members only area of the GRR Forum

Please Join Today!

Your Voice on Girls Rock Radio - Think of all the Possibilities!

The easiest way is to leave GRR a voice mail, and I'll get it on the air. In a moment, I'll mention another "HD" option if you want to sound really awesome on the air, so "stay tuned," for that...

Calling Girls Rock Radio to leave a Shout Out Voice Mail is as easy as clicking this web-sticker, entering your phone number, letting Google call you, then connect you to Girls Rock Radio automatically. How cool is that?

Leaving a Shout Out to GRR is free, and Google can usually connect you to GRR for free within the USA, but your telephone carrier may still charge for airtime minutes and stuff like that. Be sure you know what they will charge before proceeding. I have no clue what will happen if you try using this from other countries.

What to "Shout Out"

You can:

  • Tell everyone your name and where you're from... (required)
  • Tell everyone the name of your favorite radio station... (required)
  • Give a shout out to/from your school, or work...
  • Profess your endless love for someone... 😉
  • Say happy birthday to someone...
  • Be fun and creative (just please keep it clean and brief.)

Messages left in a language other than English must also provide a translation. Just put it at the end of the message telling me what you just said and I'll edit that part out - OR - just do the shout in your native language and English which will probably sound pretty cool!

You can't:

  • Advertise...
  • Be lewd, crude, or objectionable...
  • Say stuff that would make me not want you on the air.

Girls Rock Radio reserves the right to edit your shout for content or length, or refuse to air shouts due to objectionable content, or for any reason at all really, but as long you keep it clean and have fun with this, you should be hearing yourself on GRR real soon!

The "HD" Option for sounding quite awesome

If you have a nice microphone on your PC, you can record yourself and perhaps a whole group of your friends, using one of the coolest audio recording and editing programs around - Audacity. Here's where to get it, and as the link implies, Audacity is available for PC, Mac, and Linux systems:

The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor
The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor

Of course, if you have your own favorite editor, feel free to use it instead; Audacity is just a suggestion, but it is pretty cool. And free.

Your HD Shout should:

  • Be recorded in 128k (or better) MP3 format. No other format accepted...
  • Follow all the other rules already mentioned for the Voice Mail Shouts...
  • Be emailed as an attachment to shoutoutgrr @ gmail.com

Now, get going and get yourself some air-time on Girls Rock Radio today!

Many of you - listeners and artists alike - enjoy placing our banners on your social networking profiles, or on your personal websites. We TOTALLY appreciate the support this shows for Girls Rock Radio and the way you help get the word out about your favorite station!

But our banners were dated and didn't really reflect our current image. I was getting more than a little embarrassed about that, so I finally did something about it!

So, click on over and grab the all new Girls Rock Radio Banners for your pages today!

grr-banner1 grr-banner2
These are just samples, but clicking them takes you to the real ones.

Use these banners as they are - please DO NOT modify them in any way. If you need something custom, just let me know.

What if a strange man offered to buy you lunch?  spam1

I don't know about lunch, but an awful lot of strange people have been offering up crap here on Girls Rock Radio.  I'm deleting many  new Spammer registrations every day from the forum alone.  Not to mention Guestbook spam and comment spam.

If you're trying to register in the Forum and find you just never seem to get accepted, please drop me a line using the Contact GRR form found on the Help menu.  But otherwise, registering with a bunch of seemingly random characters for a username and having an equally random email address will more than likely get your butt kicked right out'a here!  Of course, it would be unrealistic of me to think that posting a notice like this will make the Spammers go away, but at least the Normal people trying to get an account might better understand why they are jumping through hoops just to join in the fun!

By the way, I like actual SPAM and am not intending to malign the real thing in any way by using clever old-time SPAM advertisement copy here.  Okay yeah, I guess I really don't care all that much for SPAM, the actual meat (by)product, but neither do I wish it any ill will.  Upon internet SPAMMERS however, I  wish a continual plague of H1N1 along with terminal diarrhea.

Hey everyone!

LOTS of awesome new music has been added this morning. Check out the Latest Music Additions page for all the details.

Not playing something you think we should? Get in touch.

There's a lot more music on deck, and lots still in the Review Queue. It's shaping up to be an amazing summer for music. Be sure to tune in often. Girls Rock Radio is your ultimate destination for fun Summer Music. 🙂

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