Girls Rock Radio is switching over to new broadcast software.

What does that mean for you?

Well, first of all, how you tune into the station will not be changing, so all of your media players and the bookmarks you have in them will all continue to work as expected. Whew, right?

For the Girls Rock Radio audience, I think the biggest difference is that the station should simply sound better. The launch of our sister station, Country Girl Radio has shown us that it will, and it is the same software that we're using there that Girls Rock Radio is switching over to. You will also benefit from quicker discovery to on-air transitions for new music. The current software is the exact opposite of easy when it comes to getting new music on the air.

For the Indie artists looking for airplay consideration, a few things will improve. First, as I just mentioned, the in-the-door to on-the-air time should drastically improve. Second, although I don't think the Review Queue will go away, there may be some significant changes to how a music submission progresses once received. It will probably make the Review Queue more of a place to check if there is a problem with a submission rather than a place of utter frustration to see your submission is still sitting there. I've always been embarrassed by this whole process; that's all about to change.

I'll keep you advised of developments as they arise, but in the near future - like in mere days, or even hours - there may be some bumps as we switch off the old and switch on the new.

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