Updated 01 November 2013

It's the sound of a failing cooling fan. But more than just that, the computer has been running non-stop for SIX years. It's a small computer, and it's becoming increasingly inadequate at this point. It's more than just one of its cooling fans that is failing, too. Take a look at this screenshot showing the health of the Girls Rock Radio hard drive - it's down to just 28%!



Now let's look at a few facts spanning Girls Rock Radio's seven year history.

  • Girls Rock Radio is "Listener Supported" which means if you like what you hear and would like to contribute some money to the station to keep it going, you'll click on one of the MANY "donate" buttons you find all over the website. And we thank those of you who have in the past and who will in the future, but...

  • Here's a breakdown of how much "listener support" Girls Rock Radio has received over its entire life which began in 2006:
    2006 - $100
    2007 - $272
    2008 - $297
    2009 - $420
    2010 - $412
    2011 - $260
    2012 - $409
    2013 - $214 (so far as of the date of this post)
    TOTAL - $2,381

  • I cannot think of any month in which the station's expenses were actually covered by "listener support," much less actually paying me anything. This is NOT a hobby of mine. It is a real business, and it's NEVER paid me in over 7 years. To the contrary actually, because each new month I go into my own pocket to cover Girls Rock Radio's expenses.

  • Direct expenses over that period (2006 - Today) not including the salary I should have received, has exceeded $12,000. Again, let me be clear, that's over $12,000 out of my own pocket while this is my job and I've never been paid even once IN SEVEN YEARS! I must be crazy!

  • Is anyone reading this at this point? If you are, leave a comment and tell me you at least read this!

  • At this time, I am setting a goal of $3,500 in "IMMEDIATELY REQUIRED LISTENER SUPPORT" to replace aging equipment.

  • What happens if this support does not materialize? When the music stops because the hardware failed and there's nothing sitting here to replace it, you'll have your answer. PLEASE, DEAR LISTENER, DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!

SEND SUPPORT NOW OR FACE THE LOSS OF THIS STATION - It's Really That Simple, and it's not a matter of "if" but "when." Here's a Donate button, and Girls Rock Radio will be grateful if you use it.

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