Hey Artists!  Your station needs your attention...

I am forming a "Council of Artists" to address some of the issues the station faces right now, as well as to set directions and make plans for the future.  In addition to artists, friends of the station, celebrities, and others with a like-minded, helpful attitudes are invited to join as well.

Here's what I'm NOT asking you for:

  • Not asking for Money.
  • Not asking for Deliverables.
  • Not asking for Specific time commitments or scheduled activities.

What I AM asking you for is:

  • Your thoughtful participation in a discussion.

Be a Superhero!
Would you participate in such a discussion if you could save the premier internet radio station featuring the music of women artists from certain doom?  Come on...  Be a superhero!

Here's How to Join:

  1. Head over to the GRR Forum and register for an account, if you don't already have one. (hint: the anti-spam security question answer is "wisconsin" without the quotes.)
  2. Use the contact form (below) to tell me you've joined and what login name you registered with in the Forum. ALSO - If you are not an artist currently receiving airplay on Girls Rock Radio (or band member thereof,) please tell me why you feel qualified to be on the council.
  3. I will authorize you to view and post in area of the Forum devoted to the Council.

That's it. Easy. All Council discussions will occur in the privacy of the special Council members only area of the GRR Forum

Please Join Today!

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