It's FREE.

I don't think I have to spell that one out for you. Oops, I already did. 😉

It gets you CASH BACK when you shop.

That's on top of what you're already getting back on each purchase with your credit card account.

It PAYS you when the FRIENDS you invited to join shop, too.

That's how you help GRR. When you and your friends shop, we get paid, too - just like you do when the friends you invite do their shopping through the Blastoff Mall. Best of all, you still get the best prices on stuff from the best merchants.

Check it out.

This is what the page where you sign up looks like. Click it now to go there. Watch the videos on the right to learn more. Then sign up - for FREE, remember - and shop everyplace you usually shop, but get to those places through the Blastoff Mall. Otherwise, no cash back. Nothing when your friends shop. No support for Girls Rock Radio.

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