More than 60 new tracks have been added to the playlist this month! And of course Christmas music returns with increasing airplay the closer we get to the big day. So, in addition to those 60 new tracks, there's also several new holiday music selections.

This is an awesome month to be listening to Girls Rock Radio!

Susie Warley submitted her new holiday tune called "Miracle of Christmas Love," and "A Very Special Christmas 7" is out with several tracks from some of our favorite women artists. A personal new favorite of mine is Leighton Meester with her rendition of "Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)" -- listen for it, and all your other holiday favorites too.

Because the list is so long, I'd be writing a small novel commenting on each new song on the playlist. So rather than bore you to tears, I'll just direct your attention to a couple of new tracks I think are especially noteworthy.  Of course, they are ALL noteworthy just by being on Girls Rock Radio.  🙂

Listen for Nicole Storm. This new independent artist has the kind of amazing musical depth and sophistication usually reserved for top Billboard artists. With compelling lyrics and a fresh clear singing voice all her own, she's going to make you stop, listen, and say, "Wow - I like that!" Are you listening Nicole? Don't even think you have a long way to go. With your CD "Tangled Up," you're already there!  "Can't Let Go" is the first of several tracks we will be hearing from Nicole on Girls Rock Radio.

Oranthi is already a major label artist. The girl has a way with a guitar that is simply unbelievable. So elegant and beaming with talent, that Michael Jackson offered up a guitarist spot for her. Reading up on Orianthi, you'll find that's just the tip of a beautiful musical career iceberg thus far. When you hear her song "According to You," you will realize all the depths of her talent.

And finally, Shanta Louise contacted me to see about airplay on Girls Rock Radio. One of her songs, "Endless Window," channeled an old favorite of mine, Mitch Ryder's version of "When You Were Mine" featured in "Hot Dog: The Movie." Totally a guilty pleasure for me all around, and it earned Shanta Louise and instant spot on the playlist, lol. I'm sure you'll love "Endless Window" now playing on Girls Rock Radio.

So, I'll leave you now with a video from "Hot Dog: The Movie" featuring that great Mitch Ryder song and some pretty darn awesome skiing.  😉  Enjoy all the new music!

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