Some of our favorite major label artists have just released new material, and we're all over it here
at Girls Rock Radio!


Paramore has long been a favorite here at Girls Rock Radio.  Hayley Williams and the boys - Josh, Zac, Jeremy, and Taylor rocked the music scene this week with the release of Brand New Eyes.  Girls Rock Radio, loving to break away from the musical pack and bring you something different, picked up the track Playing God.  Believe me, it's just one of an entire disc full of awesome music!


BarlowGirl, the rockin' sisters of Christian Music, have just released their third major offering, Love & War.  Listen for Stay With Me on Girls Rock Radio from this powerful collection of praise and devotional songs.

Miranda Lambert

We love a little Country every now and then here on Girls Rock Radio.  So often it seems Contemporary Country crosses amazingly well into the pop, rock, and alternative music space where Girls Rock Radio mainly lives.  So we got a HUGE treat this week to review the new release from Miranda Lambert, Revolution.  This disc has something for all Country fans to enjoy, and I think you're going to totally love the slight change of pace Miranda brings to the New Music spots with her track Me And Your Cigarettes.

And on the indie scene...

Sarah Solovay

Definitely be listening for Sarah Solovay!  Here on Girls Rock Radio, yes, but ALSO tune into 90210 where her song Hearts Collide from her new CD Gone will be featured on an upcoming episode.  How cool is that!?!  After listening to Sarah, I asked if she's like airplay on GRR and, now you'll get to hear her here, too.  I think she's having a totally awesome month - 90210, Girls Rock Radio.  It doesn't get better than that!

Danielle Cales

Check out Danielle Cales.  She's singing about facing the world with her single Underwater off her new release My Violet Guitar.


Méchant has a whimsical little number about super heroes from their Faith And The Arsenal release.  Super heroes apparently rock - but then we knew that, right?

Otto's Daughter

Otto's Daughter has a gothic rocker with Angels from their The Becoming 001 release of a few years back.

Nerina Pallot

I came across a website that listed GRR in their station directory and said we played artists like Nerina Pallot, except we didn't.  I was like, "uh oh."  Not a problem though, just a a little looking around and I found a really fun, light little number called Watch Out Billie and so now, yeah, we play Nerina Pallot!

Andrea Loren

Andrea Loren got in touch, introducing herself as a new artist from TO.  So much great music coming out of Canada, and GRR is so glad to have such a devoted following there!  Listen for Andrea's song Jordan on GRR new this month.  A lovely new voice with an arrangement as delightful as the spring breeze.

World Minus One

Wisconsin LOVES rock!  And so, from a little closer to home, comes a new voice from Milwaukee, its World Minus One.  Get your rock on with their new single Now Or Never.  This band of six, with front girl Sara Brauer has an awesome sound with lot of depth.  It's hard rock with melody and class - just the way we like it here on GRR!

Sarah Fimm

Sarah Fimm brings yet another amazing track to the playlist from her newest release Red Yellow Sun.  It's called Maryjane.  Sarah visited the Girls Rock Radio Chat Room a short while ago to say hi.  Alarmingly though, at the same time, a bear was prowling around her home in the woods of New York state.  I told her I thought it probably just wanted to hear her song Counting Waves, so I got it on for her right away.  Apparently that soothed the beast and it ambled away.  See what you miss when you don't hang in the GRR Chat Room?  lol!

Anemo and Kelly

Rounding things off this time, Anemo returns with Same Day Chore, and Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone joins the playlist.

Enjoy all the great new music!

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