HELP! The Girls Rock Radio MySpace page sucks!

Although I'm not willing to call it a contest, I am willing to "reward" some lucky MySpace page designer with a T-shirt, mousepad, or coffee mug, for the coolest design that once and for all takes us out of the running for the Worst MySpace Page of All Time award.

Basically, I want our page to have everything it has now in terms of content, but I would love for it to become beautifully pimped out.

I'm fine with doing cool graphics work, but fighting through MySpace page design can be pretty frustrating. Okay, what I'm really trying to say is that I suck at it! Clearly though, many people have taken the time to get it all figured out, as there are some beautiful pages out there. I'd like the Girls Rock Radio page to be one of them!

Remember, this is a MySpace Music profile, not a standard individual profile, and as such, should be tested for use on a MySpace Music profile. With that in mind, you're free to use the graphics that are already on our page, and if you have a special need for a graphic element related to Girls Rock Radio, you're free to ask and I'll see what I can do. I suggest that you not try to slice and dice any of our existing graphics. Rather, ask us to give you something brand-new fitting your requirements. Better yet, just prototype whatever graphics you need, and we will put a finer point on it if your design is selected. You may not use any graphical elements or pictures which are not in the public domain, nor may you use any images of any of the artists played on girls rock radio. Aside from that, go nuts!

Among however many entries are received, Girls Rock Radio's decision on which to use is final. Although I have no entry deadline in mind, I'm not looking for this to take months. Because our pages so bad, pretty much anything you come up with will be better, and I don't need the most elegant page anyone has ever seen. There is something to be said for the elegance of simplicity.

If you intend to design a page for Girls Rock Radio, you may wish to let me know in a message on MySpace or at the Girls Rock Radio website. In that way, you can introduce yourself, showcases some of your previous designs, and basically just let us know to be expecting your design for consideration.

The T-shirts, mousepad, or coffee mug "reward" is available to residents of the United States; I will be unable to ship internationally. International entries are still welcome, however. Sometimes just knowing that your work is being enjoyed by so many is reward enough. One thing I will do is post design credit to the lucky designer whose creation is selected for use on the Girls Rock Radio MySpace page.

Additional criteria, rules, and such, may apply as I think of them. Your design must be totally unique, and therefore not plagiarize anyone else's work. All MySpace terms of use, terms of service, and other rules must be strictly adhered to! The pimp codes, and other graphical assets required for the completed profile become the nonexclusive property of Girls Rock Radio. Existing graphical assets and codes are and remain the exclusive property of Girls Rock Radio. Test pages mentioning Girls Rock Radio in any manner must be removed immediately upon our final decision. We are not out to hurt anyone's feelings with our decision, and as a matter of fact we will publish a listing of all of those who took the time, and effort, to come up with a design as our thanks.

I look forward to receiving your submissions! Your comments are also, as always, very welcome.

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