Once again, there's a large list of new music I've just added to the playlist. You'll be hearing much of this new music on the "New Music" feature at :40 past each hour.

To those artists still in the Review Queue, or that have recently submitted music, I am making a special effort to spend time with your music.  I do not expect the next round of music additions to take a whole month. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.

Some great suggestions came from the Chat Room.  Cascada, Delta Goodrem, and Girls Aloud to name just a few.  Get in there and chat me up sometime.  It's great to meet up with you and get your suggestions, or just chat about, well, you know, whatever.  🙂

Major label artists are having a great summer so far.  Jordin Sparks and Demi Lovato have new releases out this month, and you can here them right here on Girls Rock Radio.

The Indie music scene is always full of great new music!  Check out Diana Gone Wrong in our new Indie music lineup, along with the Jessica Mitchell Band, Nina Martinez, Naomi Greenwald, So Shush, and Vertigo. Also, returning Indie artists Citizen Charlie and Susie Warley and a little more depth to their previous contributions.  I especially want to thank all the independent artists that submit music to the station - this month, as well as since Girls Rock Radio began transmitting on the internet three years ago.  Indie artists have given GRR a far stronger voice!

The complete lineup of new music can be found on the "Radio" menu under "Latest Music Additions."

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