I'm sure you've noticed all the changes occurring here on the website, so I thought I'd just take a moment to highlight a few of them a little more formally.

If you haven't noticed the new stuff going on at girls rock radio dot com, you've not visited in a while and perhaps you're reading this in your rss reader or in an email blast. Come on over and see what's up!

The biggest change is the new front page layout and most notably the new Featured Content Gallery. Through the gallery, I'll be highlighting our featured artists as well as any other major items of interest.

You've also noticed the 2-column format for Artist Bios and News and GRR Station News. Obviously, this is the area to watch for what's new with our artists and the station itself.

Another huge new feature that's maybe not so obvious is that each song we play on Girls Rock Radio now has it's own information page. Currently you can get to these pages by clicking the yellow-highlighted "More cool information..." link on the Now Playing tab while the song is playing. There's a lot of information already on the information pages, but I can continue to improve them by adding even more. You can comment on the song right there on the page, and perhaps over time I can get a rating thing in there so you'll be able to rate the song on a scale of 1 to 10. Let me know what else you'd like to see on these pages. I'm also working to make these pages available from other places on the site.

Drop me a note using the comment form on the Help menu. Let me know what you think or what you want.

Evolution is good, but it's rarely an overnight thing, and sometimes things don't work as well as expected for everyone. So many browsers out there! Opera users, please know that I'm trying to resolve issues with how the new front page looks for you - I know it's not quite right in Opera. I hate it when someone tells me what browser to use, but for the moment, Firefox is what I'm using for everything and GRR looks great in it. It's the one browser that just about everyone agrees gets all of the web standards right. That said, I am still working on making GRR a great experience in all browsers. You will, however, need JavaScript enabled regardless. There's just way too much web goodness out there that relies on it.

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