Girls Rock Radio listeners have enjoyed Maria Kizirian's music - Retro Man and You Invade My Dreams are on the active playlist here on the station. Well, Maria contacted me to tell me of her cool new website. Of course the even more cool news was that she and her man, Paul, have a recent new addition to their family (Congratulations Maria and Paul!) and it's clear she found that one true love in Paul. I'll let Maria give you the details on her new website in her own words. Then ladies, you'll know what to do next...

Hey ladies – do you have a really great guy? If yes, and I HOPE you answered yes, I have just started a new web site where we women can go brag about our guys. Father’s day is just around the corner, so this is one way to publicly show off your awesome man!

Go check out He's More Than A Man (Website no longer available at 🙁

There is a page to post your story, and also link it to your Facebook or MySpace.

The SOLE purpose of this site is to start a groundswell of appreciation for what we have at home. I am sure we will be appreciated by our men as well for this too – I know my man felt honored that I appreciate him like this!

I also think that for the single women out there who think that there are no good men left – seeing a site of great guys being touted will give them hope that they too don’t have to settle with their idiot BFs. We have all been there, done that, so we know! And I believe that for us to become a real woman, we must have experienced a really lame guy.

Pictures of couples whose stories are on the site will be used in the upcoming music video for the theme song, "More Than a Man." (If you so wish, of course!)

So now that you have a “more than a man,” go visit this site, and brag about your man! I can’t wait to read your stories!!!!!!


Maria has written and produced a song of the same name as her site as the anthem for this movement.  She calls it "the chick flick of rock ballads."  Listen for it on Girls Rock Radio through Father's Day as a reminder to go proclaim your guy More Than A Man!

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