Girls Rock Radio listeners have been treated to Melanie Bomar's new single "Envy" since the last batch of new music was added. Seems a lot of people are taking notice of this talented new addition to the GRR lineup. This just in from the Bomar news camp...

"We wanted to let everyone know that Melanie Bomar's new music video, "Envy" will be featured on the entertainment news show "Extra" this Saturday, June 20th. The piece is in a segment of the show called "Music Mix" where they highlight a new Bruce Springsteen project, classical singer Farrell Smith from Britain's Got Talent, Grammy winner Dave Zanes, and, of course, Mel. They show some clips from her video, talk about her new album, and even put her web address onscreen, which is great for helping viewers discover the music. Her part of the segment is about 25 seconds long, which is very good for TV time!"

Check listings for showtimes in your area, or consult the Extra "When It's On" station locator.

Haven't seen the "Envy" video yet? Here you go!

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