GoFM Radio

Today Girls Rock Radio is delighted to welcome GoFM Radio listeners to our stream while Dan at over GoFM works out some pesky internet problems.

If it's between 11:00am and 4:00pm Eastern time in the USA, you're listening to Girls Rock Radio on GoFM!

GoFM should be back to playing "whatever they can get on the hard drive" again by mid-week.

GoFM Radio broadcasts out of Manchester, New Hampshire in the beautiful New England area of the United States.  As Dan says, "No rules, we just play stuff!" Regulars to the station will tell you it's both awesome and, well, sometimes nauseating, but hey, it's always a fun listen.  😉

On the occasional Friday night, you can catch a live show - Dan, and perhaps a guest or two (Yan and Bill, to name the usual suspects) do their best to screw up the internet without much of any sort of plan to speak of.  Give a few guys a mic and a rum & coke and just about anything can happen.  I'm pretty sure you'll never hear anything else like it!

You can find out more about GoFM, when the next live show will be, or just chat with the regulars in the GoFM chat room over at the GoFM Website.

Girls Rock Radio is proud to have GoFM as a "brother" station - they are your best destination whenever you need a nice change of pace!

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This Internet radio station is licensed to broadcast by SOCAN through TorontoCast.  The stream you listen to originates in Canada.