Ariel LiveTaking a cue from commercial radio sounds and blending them with a heavier edge, Icon For Hire emerges as one of the most promising bands in the midwest region. They thrive on creating commercially appealing and catchy music that will hook the average listener, yet the message behind the melodies is what leaves people wanting more. The band desires to endorse a message of hope without diluting the reality of hardships faced in life, and uses music as a tool to communicate to kids and adults alike. Their live shows are full of energy, personality, and movement, and just one glance explains why their fan base has grown so rapidly as well as why they're one of the most talked about new bands in central Illinois. Icon For Hire is authentic, professional, hard working, and determined to make an impact on their generation.

The Band



First Ep on November 22 2008.  The band is currently streaming tracks on  myspace (myspace.com/iconforhire) and indiemusic.com.


Icon For Hire Release Party Highlight Reel

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