No doubt you've noticed the Girls Rock Radio Chat over there on the right side of the page. It's brought to us by our friends over at where you can register to get your own screenname. It's free, and you can add your own personal avatar, or picture of yourself, your car/cat/dog/snake, or well you know, whatever best represents you. The register link is down there at the bottom of the chat. You can still chat without registering, but you'll show up as something like "Anon1234" on the "here now" list.

You can say hello, make a new friend, or even request a song, so it's all good. If I'm in the studio and at the computer, "GirlsRockRadio" will be on the "here now" list, but sometimes I walk away and forget to close the page, so PLEASE don't be offended if I seem to be ignoring you. I wouldn't dare be so rude to my guests - only to my computer. 🙂

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