Okay, here's the 411 on how things are looking at this point:

I am on target to roll this site out over the evening of Tuesday, 23 September 2008. I expect a fairly turbulent ride from here to there, so please wish me luck. Some things for you to be mindful of as this all comes down:

  • The site will be broken for a while during the transition. Please bear with me.
  • The audio stream will be uninterrupted. You can still listen to the station since the website and the stream are entirely separate. If you wan to tune in on Tuesday evening, make sure you have the stream bookmarked in an external player like WinAmp since the Tune In page might be unavailable for a while. I will do everything I can to minimize down time on the Tune In page, so a book mark to it might come in handy, too.
  • Feeds: (rss, email subscriptions, etc.)
    Some of you have signed up for the subscription feeds. The feeds will be reconfigured during the change over, and I have no way to predict what will happen to them. Best I can suggest is that if on Wednesday and thereafter you stop getting updates, then please re-subscribe to the feed. I'll be making changes here and at Feedburner which makes predicting exactly what will happen rather difficult.
  • Once the new site is up, you will be able to register and login. Accessing the site, tuning in, making requests, and just browsing around in general will NOT require registration, but if you wish to comment on posts or participate in the Forum, you will need to register.
  • Speaking of registering -- we hope you will! Registering will help us better understand who our audience is. This will make Girls Rock Radio and our other web properties more valuable to you over time. Registration will also allow us to personalize your experience here on the GRR website. So, registering will be a great idea. Oh and btw, "subscribing" (to a feed) is not the same as "registering" for a username/password, and registering does not automatically subscribe you to a feed.
  • Forum:
    The new Forum will be open after this site goes live. Your registration on this new site will grant you access to the new Forum, but your username/password from the old Forum will not follow you. In other words, logging into the new GRR website automatically logs you into the new Forum, and your previous username/password on the old Forum will not work on the new site. However, you may register on the new site with the same username you had in the old forum, if you wish.

Be watching for any last minute posts regarding the switch over, and as always, I welcome any comments or feedback you care to provide.

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This Internet radio station is licensed to broadcast by SOCAN through TorontoCast.  The stream you listen to originates in Canada.