Hey everyone!

It's the unofficial last weekend of summer here in the States. Good thing because I'm looking forward to more summertime weather before, well...

It's my daughter's birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday, Daisy! 14 and starting her last year in middle school. I'm really lucky; she loves Girls Rock Radio. It's one thing that we can share. Well, there's more than just GRR, but not all parents can say their taste in music matches up pretty well to their kids. I know my mom would never say that! lol.

Some things are going on behind the scenes with this new site. I've had to fix some messed up stuff in Internet Explorer. Firefox always did look great. Not all problems are fixed in IE. Those of you using IE are seeing extra space at the bottom of the Now Playing and Search boxes over on the right. Might be a PITA to fix those, but I will try.

In the mean time, there's a new Frapper Map page that I should be able to put up any time now, but I also need to work on the menu in order for it to show up anywhere. I'm really scratching my head trying to figure out how to do the Playlists & Requests pages. They are rather unique.

Just mainly wanted to give you a little update and let you know that stuff is going on with the new site.

Hope you all have an awesome holiday weekend if you're living in the USA, and an awesome normal weekend if you're elsewhere.

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