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Latest Music Additions (as of 2015.06.18)

New Music Additions for June 2015
Date Added: 2015.06.18
Artist Song Title Album
Alice Blue Bite Your Tongue Matter
Cassie Kennedy Yours SnowGlobe
Chantel McGregor Fabulous Like No Other
Christina Holmes Give A Little Bit More Peace, Love, and C. Holmes
Dina Regine Fences Right On, Alright
Dizzy Bloom Violet Skies (Rock Canyon Remix) Oceans
Figures Taking Back My Life Sugar House
Gundogs Hey Hey (Feel It Coming) Little Deaths
Hayley Richman Gold From Coal You Don’t Know Me
Janani Run (Pick Up The Gun) Run (Pick Up The Gun) – Single
Katie Belle Akin Georgia Moon Indie Release
Kim Yarson Faith Joy
Lisa Smith’s Powerhaus 612 612
Lisa Smith’s Powerhaus I Am 612
Mariah Jas Love is Gone Mariah Jas
MPV Real Good Time In Lust We Trust
Queen Esther Somebody Else’s Baby The Other Side
Rescue Raiders Alone Again To The Rescue
Rescue Raiders Silencio To The Rescue
Scary Cherry And The Bang Bangs Crazy Jane Girl
Scary Cherry And The Bang Bangs Don’t Wanna Girl
Screams On Sunday Trying (null)
Shae Lights Forever Can You Feel The Music
Soul Safari Light On The Programme
StOrk Broken Pieces Broken Pieces
Sydney Alese Inspire Time

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