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Anna Blue

Anna Blue

A new star is born: Anna Blue; A young artist, self-described as an outsider, who has found music as a vent for her emotions. With her pure passion for music, it won’t belong for her to take her place in the ears, and hearts, of the world.

Anna’s music touches many subjects that are close to her heart. By transforming emotion into words and melody, she takes the listener into an authentic world of self-reflection and unhindered emotion. Also apparent from Anna’s music is enormous passion for music, which brings her to the fore.

Her debut single “So Alone” doesn’t just reflect Anna’s thoughts and dreams but also shows that music can guide us through testing times. That, despite the crushing feeling of loneliness that the song describes, Anna’s hope-tinged voice helps transport the listener into a world where emotion and longing mix seamlessly.

Recognized at an early age as a vocal talent, Anna found out what music was to her at just 11. In her lyrics which site sadness, loneliness and the search for one’s true place in the world we can hear that behind it all is Anna’s longing for love and understanding.

Anna Blue has created an online world for herself into which she can escape from everyday life. Here she can be herself without needing to pretend or conform. She can also exchange ideas, feelings and dreams with the like-minded people who gravitate around her. So if you want to find the real Anna, look for her online, she might just be a click away.

42 Responses to Anna Blue

  1. well i only found you out yesterday but im loveing you’re song i wish i new who the person behind the cartoon i bet shes ace loves black like me i love black im kinder goth to be honest i wounder how old you are teens child grown-up

  2. i absolutely love love her and her song! Her voice, lyrics and style is beautiful. Watch out world for Anna Blue! <3

  3. luv ur song so much. i wonder how old r u?im 13 but it doesnt matter. anyways i luv ur song in english and in german. they express how i feel.

  4. I am glad that someone nows how I feel.I like you Anna Blue made this song cause this is how I feel everday and nobody can’t make me happy at all because they try but they gave up.I am so glad Anna Blue made this song.

  5. She doesn’t really look like the cartoon no one really knows what she looks like, how old she is, etc. but I don’t care I love her, her song tells exactly how I feel.

  6. I reallly really really love your song. Whenever I listen to this song it gives me some hope. And I’m seriously glad that this isnt auto tune; like Rebecca Black…..don’t even get me started on her. Well anyways hahaha, I seriously love this song and I hope you come out with some other songs soon!!!!!!Does anyone know where I can download this song??

  7. anna blue i feel how u feel i cant get though a day without feeling lonely and sad but i try my hardest everyday but i think i cant talk it anymore because well things and the only time im happy is listing to a song or watching other people have a grate time and im just the by stander and reading because it makes me feel like i have a friends (everyone is so scared of me y) in the stories. but i listened to your song and love it it made me feel allover aging (Y) Whenever I listen to this song it gives me some hope. 🙂

  8. Anna, me and my friend listened to your song and know what your feeling. We have each other though. We help each other find a way out of sadness and when we are down and I am thankful for her.

  9. Hi Anna if u r reading this I really love this song it makes me feel like I know u almost and It kinda explains me cuz right now I’m going through a bad problem with my family and I don’t have anyone to talk to about it. But I really love this song and I hope I can find out more about u not to be stalkerish ew byeee!

  10. I’d care if you disappeared. I don’t know you but I’d care. No one should feel like they wouldn’t be noticed if they just disappeared. I’ve went through that my entire life so if you ever need someone to talk to I will listen . I’m not good at much but I am good at listening so keep your chin up.

  11. This is to everyone. If you ever feel alone and don’t have anyone to talk to or don’t feel like you can talk to someone you know, you can talk to me and I will listen and help you in any way I can. Growing up I felt like I really never had anyone to talk to about whatever was on my mind and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone so if you need me i’m here. [email and facebook addresses removed]

    Although I appreciate people trying to help others out, I am not going to allow anyone to post email and facebook addresses while offering to “talk” about deeply personal and complicated issues. Even if it’s not, it feels too stalker-ish. If you feel alone, depressed, or overwhelmed in any way, seek the advice of those close to you. This may be a parent if you are underage, or if your home situation is too complicated, seek the council of a trusted adult advisor – a teacher, a member of the clergy, or anyone with seniority who may be able to safely advise you. If you are an adult, then please seek proper psychiatric assistance. Times are difficult, and people everywhere are feeling troubled. However, there is no reason, regardless of your age, to feel alone or stranded in anyway. There is always someone who would be happy to help you. As for the internet, or this site – it’s great for informational or entertainment value. However, I cannot allow this site to become a forum for amateur psychiatric services. That would be inappropriate.

  12. I am going to become famous one day and I will sing sad songs. I still write my own songs and Anna if you want me to I’ll write A song for you. I especially love your hair, makeup, and clothes they are emolicious!!!!!!!! <<33 byyyyyyye!

  13. your style of music is awesome and cool and the video was top quality of the best kind. cant wait for your next song. i will defiantly be listening to other girls rock gropes.

  14. I just found out about her today I love her style. She’s sort like me… the song connects connects with how I feel as well even if I have people there who love me.

  15. I just found out about Anna. She’s a really touching musician and her music is so heartfelt. I can understand how she feels. I feel the same way even with people here for me.

  16. I also feel the same way, so sad, so alone:( Sometimes I can’t handle myself to cry. Sometimes I need someone with me to cry and express my feelings with. I feel so lonely, but when I heard your song “So alone”. I didn’t felt so alone at all! Between homework and family’s problems, I feel like I need to breath, because if I don’t I’m gonna die. My parents don’t even notice I’m sad, because of their problems. They are always fight! EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Thank you Anna Blue for making this song;)

  17. I am only 12 but people hit me and tell me im wierd because im quiet and contained my ex-boyfriend understood me but he fell 4 some girly, snoby, little but head who thinks im wierd too and its nice to know youre like me and we understand one another! i love your song and the wording because i feel like exactly like that, like if i dissapeared no one would even bother careing exept you and my 2 mice, kate and nimm, theyre my bffs. so i really like youre song and you too!

  18. I love Anna Blue so much! I only wish I knew how old you are cause then I could find an age for my dreams to come true. I write songs as well. Your songs remind me of mine. I really hope I can realize my dreams like you did.

  19. Ann Blue I love your song! Your music shows your true emotions its really beautiful. Forevermore, stay true to yourself and your music will blossem.

  20. hey, I loved listening to your song “So Alone” very much. I just wondered how you made such an awesome song like this. I tried singing it but since you’ve got such a high pitch..I don’t think I can manage singing it~
    anyways I can’t wait to hear more from you 🙂

  21. Im super confused!! Is Anna Blue a real person? Did a girl called Anna Blue sing the song? Please tell me!!

  22. i luv anna blue,when i heard her song,so alone,it just spoke to me.i’m not emo or goth,but,music is the most important thing in the world.if i ever try to make it big,i’ll definitely do a cover of anna’s song

  23. cool song I love it!!! I wish I could know the voice behind Anna Blue So-alone in english version .I have to know it. please let me know about it

  24. I love this and the Damion Dawn song. I personally think this would make an awesome movie. I love her voice and the song in general. MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!

  25. I wnt 2 marry u Anna blue plz contact me I love ur music it gets dwn 2 my core plz take me away and make me an immortal vampire

  26. Im a boy but i love this song so, its realy good and i wish there were mor songs by her cuz i love the emo feel. keep singing anna blue i love your music.

  27. Great song lot of emotions. Please if you feel sad talk to someone you trust. Life will get better . Sometimes things make you feel down or people sometimes bullies but your life has worth . Close your eyes a dream someday you will get there.

  28. Hey I don’t know if you’re reading this but I got to say I really like the songs and all but I have to ask who are you behind the computer screen

  29. i love your music. Defiantly silent scream. So many of ur songs i can relate to and they make me realize im not the only one feeling this way.

  30. Finally!! I found the songs that suit me. I love listening to songs related to what’s inside me. This is the simple thing I can do for myself especially if I feel like I’m all alone, sad, stressed and if I feel like nobody cares, …listening to songs like your songs that is so emotional is the only thing I can do. I really love your songs. I hope that you will be able to compose more songs again that can capture everybody’s hearts.

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