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Send a Shout Out to GRR

Your Voice on Girls Rock Radio – Think of all the Possibilities!

The easiest way is to leave GRR a voice mail, and I’ll get it on the air. In a moment, I’ll mention another “HD” option if you want to sound really awesome on the air, so “stay tuned,” for that…

Calling Girls Rock Radio to leave a Shout Out Voice Mail is as easy as clicking this web-sticker, entering your phone number, letting Google call you, then connect you to Girls Rock Radio automatically. How cool is that?

Leaving a Shout Out to GRR is free, and Google can usually connect you to GRR for free within the USA, but your telephone carrier may still charge for airtime minutes and stuff like that. Be sure you know what they will charge before proceeding. I have no clue what will happen if you try using this from other countries.

What to “Shout Out”

You can:

  • Tell everyone your name and where you’re from… (required)
  • Tell everyone the name of your favorite radio station… (required)
  • Give a shout out to/from your school, or work…
  • Profess your endless love for someone… 😉
  • Say happy birthday to someone…
  • Be fun and creative (just please keep it clean and brief.)

Messages left in a language other than English must also provide a translation. Just put it at the end of the message telling me what you just said and I’ll edit that part out – OR – just do the shout in your native language and English which will probably sound pretty cool!

You can’t:

  • Advertise…
  • Be lewd, crude, or objectionable…
  • Say stuff that would make me not want you on the air.

Girls Rock Radio reserves the right to edit your shout for content or length, or refuse to air shouts due to objectionable content, or for any reason at all really, but as long you keep it clean and have fun with this, you should be hearing yourself on GRR real soon!

The “HD” Option for sounding quite awesome

If you have a nice microphone on your PC, you can record yourself and perhaps a whole group of your friends, using one of the coolest audio recording and editing programs around – Audacity. Here’s where to get it, and as the link implies, Audacity is available for PC, Mac, and Linux systems:

The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor
The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor

Of course, if you have your own favorite editor, feel free to use it instead; Audacity is just a suggestion, but it is pretty cool. And free.

Your HD Shout should:

  • Be recorded in 128k (or better) MP3 format. No other format accepted…
  • Follow all the other rules already mentioned for the Voice Mail Shouts…
  • Be emailed as an attachment to shoutoutgrr @

Now, get going and get yourself some air-time on Girls Rock Radio today!


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