Featured Artist: Sarak Lonsert

Overall Grand Prize Winner of the 14th Annual (2009) USA Songwriting Competition!


I have written over 10 songs as well as 2 books. When I am working on my acting or singing I am drawing. career. Currently I am working on my first album called Dreams and Poetry. Duane Thomas is the Executive Producer and Anthony Mazza is the Producer.It will be out by mid April. I hope you enjoy!!

My first single, "Dancing Through Life", which I co-wrote with Jonathan George is a dance beat with classical flares. My next single "Romeo" is classical vocals over a hip hop beat played as a waltz. I really love and enjoy creating music that fuses 2 different worlds that profoundly belong together! That style is what I call Popera.

I have been in over 20 Musical Theatre plays. Some of my favorite rolls include: Wendy in "Peter Pan", Young Bell in "Scrooge", Evil Queen in "Snow White", Queen Aggrivaine in "Once Upon a Mattress", Lion in "Wizard of Oz", Ida in "Honk", and Glenda in "Wizard of Oz".

I have also had amazing opportunities to work with some incredible people. I have worked and written 3 songs with Deborah Gibson (80's Pop-Star and Broadway Star). Heather Provost (2009 Tony Nominee for Reasons to be Pretty) and her Husband Dan Callaway have been coaching me on my Broadway singing and acting style. I also study voice with rock star vocal coach Billy Purnell and study acting with Cynthia Bain. I also take theatre dance class with Angel Creeks (Broadway Dancer). It is amazing how each of these people have helped me to get where I am today!

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I'm like, "You're joking right?  Surely you can't be serious!"

Needless to say, I felt no reason to keep in touch with that person.  But after nearly 4 years of next to no support at all, was she right?  Is there really no redeeming quality to a radio format that celebrates the music of women artists?  I'm desperately trying to find a way out of this failure.

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HEY YOU! A mixture of power pop, glam rock, and songs that make your head bop! Made up of three dudes and one chick who bring a high energy, in your face act with songs that will be stuck in your head for days. And not to mention, they have a smokin’ hot lead singer with some pipes. With sounds of pop, rock, and punk influences, some would say that if you were to put Pink, Green Day, No Doubt & Wolfmother in a blender, you would get a taste of the Hey You concoction. So Drink up!!

We are the ones you dreamt of at night wondering when music was going to fully come back. We are nothing but the dreams of which you yourselves have created. Yes, we know! There has been a lack… a BIG lack in the rock department, and we are finally serving up what you have ordered. We haven’t come to mess around, because we never make messes… making a mess makes us and we have other people that clean that up. We are making it known, right now, right here, that we are taking over. We are the ones that have been resurrected in the skies brought forth and forged together to bring,… no,.. assemble, an army as one but equal to none.

Each leader of whom you should feel so lucky to even know their names has oddly enough their own special abilities, but when brought together of course form as one. You will be lead by Kyle Tkatch, Commander of Hey You Vocals. Her mesmerizing God given, organically grown, scrumpt-chili-doses damn good looks and not to mention super powerful vocals can not only put any man or women on there knees instantly in love, but can also take all their clothes off by singing one note. And then there’s the ladies man, Derek John, Major General for Hey You Guitars. His quick fingers and wailing razor sharp guitar leads can get stuck into you so fast it has been described as if you had a thousand ninja stars hit you at the same time. Brett DeCarlo is Head of Classified Intelligence Operations of Hey You Bass. His smooth moves on bass can cause earthquakes and is scientifically proven to be the only cause of them, look it up it’s a fact. Matt Thompson, Fleet Admiral of Hey You Drums, can’t help but indulge in his hard hitting, right on the money drumming. It has been known to cause a sonic boom almost every time he isn’t careful, one bad hit and poof your gone, nothing but ash.

So, consider yourself warned! We are currently in the studio recording our debut album...so watch out... we are coming for you! But there's no need to hide or resist it.... why stay at home when you can come join us. Get your off your ass and we’ll see you at a show or shit...let's throw a party!!!

The Band:

Kyle Tkatch - Vocals
Derek - Guitar
Brett DeCarlo - Bass
Matt Thompson - Drums

Hey You Web Update

Hey You | MySpace Music Videos

I don't know about where you are, but it sure is cold here in Wisconsin, USA!  Although the weather gave us a little break mid-January, and melted away a little of our snow, it was right back down into the deep freeze as we close out the month.

Here in the studio though, things were nice and toasty warm as I prepared many new songs for the playlist.  Once again, a blend of indie artists and major label artists away you during the New Music spots every :40 past the hour.

And just to clear on the "New Music" thing, I wanted to point out that new music doesn't necessarily mean "just released."  Often it simply means new to Girls Rock Radio.  A good example is Voice of the Beehive, and their song "Playing House," a song that was actually written in the mid-90s.  With a lyric like, "this is the game called playing house; we're all screaming; no one's getting out," how could you possibly go wrong? You'll know it when you hear it!

Elastica is another good example of old becomes new again, with a song I'm sure you'll remember -- "Connection."  And, Alison Moyet takes us all the way back to the 80s with "Invisible."

Other major label bands added to the playlist this month include I Nine with their amazing song from 2007, "Seven Days of Lonely."  Correatown hits the playlist this month after I heard their song, "Play," on the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack in a recent episode.  They've got kind of a retro-surf sound blended with contemporary alternative.  Think you like it!  No Angels is an English-lyrics band from Germany.  Listen for their rather haunting song, "Misguided Heart."  And Martina McBride that's a little touch of Country to the new music lineup this month with, "Wrong Baby Wrong."

On the indie music scene, listen for Frozen Feet with their as of yet unreleased song "Thoughts of You" from the upcoming release, "Sweet Time."  It's got a very cool alternative edge along with that unmistakable Frozen Feet guitar groove.

Spinn is looking for "One Good Reason"and by the sounds of it, they'd be better off not getting one!  Strong lyrics, and empowering song.

Hey You doesn't think this is "Working Out," but that's just a matter of opinion.  It's working out for us here at Girls Rock Radio, and working so well they've got a major motion picture deal in the works for their music!

Kristina Furey has got some soulful guitar riffs comin' at ya with her 2007 release of "King of the Hill" from her "Worth the Risk" CD.

Layla Milou is another English-lyrics pop artist from him and K√∂ln, Germany.  Listen for her song "I Miss You" from her 2009 "Pink Parade" release.

Sarah Lonsert is the youngest ever winner of the Annual USA Songwriting Competition's Overall Grand Prize, and has worked with some amazing talent along the way including Deborah Gibson, and Heather Provost, to name just two.  Listen for her song "He's Gone Again" highlighted this month on Girls Rock Radio.

Shawna Basick rounds out this month's additions with her 2006 release of a song with a very popular title -- "Breathe."  It's as easy to lose yourself in this song as Shawna's desire for this love.  "Breathe into me as I fall into you.  If I fall into you, would I lose all of me."

Enjoy the music everyone.  And stay warm, will ya?

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