Ariel LiveTaking a cue from commercial radio sounds and blending them with a heavier edge, Icon For Hire emerges as one of the most promising bands in the midwest region. They thrive on creating commercially appealing and catchy music that will hook the average listener, yet the message behind the melodies is what leaves people wanting more. The band desires to endorse a message of hope without diluting the reality of hardships faced in life, and uses music as a tool to communicate to kids and adults alike. Their live shows are full of energy, personality, and movement, and just one glance explains why their fan base has grown so rapidly as well as why they're one of the most talked about new bands in central Illinois. Icon For Hire is authentic, professional, hard working, and determined to make an impact on their generation.

The Band



First Ep on November 22 2008.  The band is currently streaming tracks on  myspace (myspace.com/iconforhire) and indiemusic.com.


Icon For Hire Release Party Highlight Reel

Mary Magill Live“Imagine a bowl full of razor blades with candy syrup poured on top” - Dan Kimpel

- "Heavy Crowns" received many commercial rock radio spins across the USA in 2008
- First album "Bigger Than You" landed at 12 on the CMJ's Top 200 most added charts and had airplay on over 112 college radio stations across the US and Canada
- Touring regularly throughout the western US States including recent 2008 opening slot for Sevendust
- Strong internet presence with over 23,000 MySpace friends with over 185,000 page views and over 105,000 music player plays all by word of mouth!

In September 2008 Half The World released their second album The Death Defying Years, their heaviest yet most melodic, hook-filled offering to date. Featuring guitar driven hard modern rock with amazing female vocals by beautiful, energetic front-woman Mary Magill. Think Evanescence meets Breaking Benjamin, with enormous chorus hooks and the guitar energy of Helmet, Disturbed and Sevendust. Urgent, powerful vocal melodies are punctuated
by masterful lyrics in this huge wall of sound which is Half The World’s signature.

There’s a unique story and powerful meaning behind the album title says drummer / studio engineer Pete Weaver, “I was at a music conference where they played our music over the stereo in front of 2000 people with a panel of A&R reps from publishers on the stand. This was about 4 months before Evanescence broke wide in the US so we had never heard of them, no one had heard of them yet. After listening to our music one lady publisher announced that it doesn’t matter how hard your music rocks or how great the vocals are, even though it has huge hooks, if you’re playing hard rock with female vocals, unless the name of your band happens to be No Doubt or Kittie, then forget it. No one wants hard rock with female vocals. I was devastated. She was sentencing us to death in her own way only because we have female vocals in a hard rock / metal band. The message was fire your vocalist and get a guy singer or your doomed. We were determined to prove her wrong and we setup in my studio and began writing and recording for all we were worth. In spite of the death sentence she pronounced on us, these have become our death defying years. We are defying death because we refuse to accept her judgment of us.

Half The World’s previous album, "Bigger Than You", gained great momentum and visibility for the group achieving national radio airplay at over 112 stations across the US and Canada. Half The World has achieved a multi-state reputation for an incredible, energetic live show at mega-conferences like Austin’s SXSW, service as opening act for Sevendust and consistently touring throughout the western US building a large following. Tens of thousands of fans have massed together in support of Half The World on myspace.com

Hailing from Holland, lead singer Mary Magill -- with her striking visual presence and commanding, world-class voice -- is the band’s on-stage focal point. The rhythm section is comprised of Mat Hansen on bass and Pete Weaver on drums and backup vocals (Pete also produces and engineers for the band). Sean Thompson and Brett Pedersen’s incandescent, razor-edged guitars generate the fire that electrifies this monumental wall of sound. Their music will appeal to fans of Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Paramore, Chevelle, Seether, Sevendust, Foo Fighters etc.

In February 2009 Half The World released their first self-filmed video for the song "Carry My Dreams Away."


Half The World - Heavy Crowns - Live Concert Video

kiaraKiara Rivera was singing before she could even walk. Something she would never outgrow. To this day, music is the main focus of her life. Kiara listens to all types of music, but loves the alternative/pop punk bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, The Academy Is, Cobra Starship among others.

In 2004, at the age of 9, Kiara won the Radio Disney Rockstar competition. She received a one year contract with Arlene Wilson Management. During that time, Kiara did modeling for print ads for stores like Carson, Pirie, Scott and a few others but felt something was missing. Kiara says, "modeling was a great experience and I loved doing it but I missed singing and performing for people. Arlene Wilson focused on modeling and acting and couldn't offer me what I truly wanted." After completing her one year obligation, Kiara went on to compete in two competitions in 2005. In May, she competed with over 100 kids in a national competition in Orlando, Florida. Although she didn't win the competition, she placed in the top 5. From there she traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee to audition for American Juniors but was not selected. "After my audition at American Juniors I realized that it was not going to be easy. From that day forward I made sure to practice everyday and do everything I could to make myself better." Focusing on her talent, she joined the school choir and started taking guitar lessons with Michael Powell. Michael Powell is a guitar instructor/songwriter/producer in the Chicago area. After a few months of lessons Michael asked Kiara what she wanted to do. Kiara told him that she wanted to learn guitar but what she really loved was singing. After nearly six months of guitar lessons, he finally heard her sing. Michael Powell then called singer/songwriter/voice teacher/vocal coach, Deborah Connors. Deborah became Kiara's vocal coach, and both of them produced and wrote Dark Days.

2008 was the year that Kiara truly began to evolve as an artist. In April, she was cast in the starring role of Annie at her school play. She was accepted into the Chicago Academy For the Arts Music Department. The Chicago Academy for the Arts is the only independent art school in the state of Illinois and only 1 of 5 independent schools in the country that provides professional arts training and a comprehensive academic education. Kiara recorded her first song, "Dark Days". In August, she entered Teen Idol at the Mill competition, sponsored by Golf Mill Mall in Illinois, Niles Public Library, and KISS FM Chicago. Over 60 teens from ages 13 to 19 competed. Kiara was one of the youngest contestants and at age 14, took first place. Kiara was finally becoming what she had always wanted to be, a talented and focused vocalist, with the unique and expressive ability to draw listeners in. During 2008, Kiara showcased her abilities and wowed every crowd with her performances.

In 2009, now 14, Kiara is gearing up for a busy year. She is in the process of recording new material, studying music theory, voice, ear training, piano, reading and more. "I could not do it without the support of everyone around me. This wouldn't be happening without my parents, my sisters, and my family. Michael Powell and Deborah Connors have helped me find myself as an artist. And last but not least, I thank God for giving me the vocal abilities and perseverance."


Kiara - Dark Days

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It's Memorial Day in the United States, and Girls Rock Radio would like to take a moment to reflect on the meaning.
Memorial Day
Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, was established following the Civil War to honor Union soldiers.  Later, after World War I, the meaning of the day was broadened to encompas all American causalties of war or other military action.  Memorial Day was originally observed on May 30th until 1968 when the Uniform Holidays Bill moved the observance to the last Monday of May.

It's not uncommon to find rural communities on Memorial Day adorned by flag lined streets.  Many consider Memorial Day the unofficial first day of summer.  Putting the two together, you have a colorful holiday full of celebration and the all too familiar sights, sounds, and smells of festivals and BBQs.  In that, and in the change of date, some say we've lost the meaning of Memorial Day, that we've become nonchalant in our observance.  Personally, I can't think of a better way to honor America's fallen than by rejoicing in a day that celebrates her freedom and all the promise of the new summer in the USA.  That is precisely what was at stake in the first place.

So fly your flags proudly today in the USA.  Think of all who have gone before you and the many who have sacrificed.  Stop for the traditional national moment of remenbrance at 3:00pm your local time.  Then continue to celebrate the day with family picnics and commuity festivals - the essence of life in the United States of America.

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On the occasional Friday night, you can catch a live show - Dan, and perhaps a guest or two (Yan and Bill, to name the usual suspects) do their best to screw up the internet without much of any sort of plan to speak of.  Give a few guys a mic and a rum & coke and just about anything can happen.  I'm pretty sure you'll never hear anything else like it!

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